Arlee Kasselman

The designs of Arlee Kasselman provide a distinctive palette of choices for the sophisticated buyer. Arlee draws her inspiration from the rich, never-ending mystery of nature, seeking out the most stunning and unique stones for her work. In addition to conceiving many of the gemstone cuts she uses, Arlee also designs all of the .980 silver, 18K and 22 K gold vermeil used in her pieces – owing a debt of gratitude to ancient architecture as a major influence.

In 1996, putting aside her work in psychology, Arlee began her career as a designer. She understands that each of us has an individual form of self-expression and hopes that her designs provide a sense of inspiration to others. Flaherty Jewelers gladly carries Arlee Kasselman designs and will be happy to assist you to find the exquisite piece of jewelry that inspires you.

Tailored, sophisticated, and feminine, Arlee’s complete line of production, Limited-Edition and One-of-a-Kind jewelry can complement a range of tastes, while always making a bold statement all its own. The new Essence Collection, for instance, is based on meanings of ancient geometric shapes and symbols, conveying a message through jewelry.

Arlee Kasselman incorporates a multitude of different and unique stones and gems in her colorful designs, such as green amethyst, red sponge coral, Mystic London blue topaz, and orange sapphires, insuring a match to even the most selective palettes. If you’re looking for something more exclusive and unique, Arlee’s One-of-a-Kind creations can be found with unusual and rare materials like hand-cut and polished Kamamba stone (a new find from Madagascar), or hand-cut and polished Sumatran petrified tree fern.

No matter what your desire, a Flaherty Jewelers associate is here to help you explore the Arlee Kasselman designs and find the pieces that speak to you and your unique style.